Know the people who make up your audience.

• Who are they?
• How many?
• How much do they need to know? (Your goals)
• What’s in it for them (the WIIFM)? (Satisfaction, pride, making a difference, health, love, money?)
• What questions might they commonly ask?
• What questions would you like to be asked?
• Are there questions you hope never to be asked?
• Are there any special circumstances that impact the event or presentation?
(Did someone die? get promoted? See a down- or up-turn?
Report bad or good news to? Create a division or close one?)
• Know what people believe, need and care about (the WIIFM) and you then need to become passionate about an issue.
• If people do what you ask, how will their lives be different?
• Show them how the world will be different?
• What are their misperceptions or misconceptions?
• What are the obstacles standing in your/their way?

Bottom line: Know three or four points you must make; not 10 or 20.
This gives you control and will help you get to the point.

Then consider, do you want to:

• Inform?
• Persuade?
• Entertain?
• Educate?
• Move people to act?
• Motivate?

What Our Clients Say

You would be proud of me. I had a very good presentation last Friday….even in front of our new CFO!