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Pulos Named 2014 MENTOR OF THE YEAR at NY Women In Communications!

By Linda Levi and Tekla Szymanski

May 20, 2014

The baton was passed on May 20, 2014, at NYWICI’s Annual Meeting, which departing President Liz Kaplow said was more like a “family reunion,” as she turned over the leadership reins to Incoming President Linda Descano, who in her day job is managing director and head, content & social, North America, and president & CEO, Women & Co., Citi. Liz then introduced the new slate of board members and gave a special shout out to Executive Director Maria Ungaro.

Linda admitted she was humbled to take on this new role and declared, “The sisterhood is alive and well, seeing this organization!” She plans to expand upon the existing organizational pillars established this past year by Liz, but wants to add a multicultural overlay to the intergenerational focus Liz applied before her. She also hopes to ensure NYWICI is the definitive voice for the communications industry and to extend NYWICI’s reach via social media.

As is traditional at the Annual Meeting, several outstanding members were recognized for their dedication and service to NYWICI:

  • Ginny Pulos, named Mentor of the Year, a new award
  • Jan Goldstoff, Liz Hoover Award winner
  • Jacki Bryk, Young Communicator Award winner

Finally, Judith Harrison, President of the NYWIC Foundation, reported on the Foundation’s 2013-14 activities, which included earning nearly $70,000 from Matrix’ CharityBuzz auction; securing a new Loreen Arbus Foundation Scholarship focused on disability issues; and holding several successful fundraisers. Judith also announced the three winners of the NYWICI Member Empowerment Grant (MEG), given to long-time mind-career members:

  • Michelle Lodge (who will study video production at the Downtown TV Community Center)
  • Audrey Pass (who will study social media marketing at Hunter)
  • Tekla Szymanski (who will study coding and web development at NYU).

Finally, keynote speaker Michelle Peluso, CEO of Gilt, discussed women empowerment and leadership. She emphasized that this was “an awesome time to be a woman, to be a leader, to be in business.” She stressed that it was “a huge responsibility and a huge privilege to follow the women who forged the path. We hold that lifeline and it is ours to pass on. We owe the next generation because of that.”

Michelle’s four keys to leadership included:

  • Building others up instead of shining the light on yourself
  • Cultivating self-doubt so you can truly discern what’s real
  • Being bold because it will define you regardless of the outcome
  • Aiming for grace in everything you do.

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