June Richardson

June Richardson is a communications specialist with extensive experience in presentation skills, video and television techniques, media training, image development, career transition consulting and sales and business development. Her passion and experience are focused on coaching individuals to be authentic and effective communicators. As a result, over the last two decades her presentation and media skills have afforded her the opportunity to work with thousands of business professionals in the United States and abroad.

In addition to her work in communications, Ms. Richardson is also an expert in the area of “Change Management” in corporations. She has led hundreds of workshops geared to helping individuals manage the constant change and transition in their personal and business lives due to corporate acquisition, reorganizations, down-sizing and the impact of technology. Ginny Pulos Communications, Inc. is pleased to use her considerable skills in coaching individuals through transition and change with grace, skill and confidence.

Ms. Richardson has held senior positions in communications, training and sales with Avon Products, Inc., American Broadcasting Companies and with Lee Hecht Harrison, the third largest career consulting firm in the world. She holds a B. S. Degree from the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut.

What Our Clients Say

I gained much insight into the thought process and needs of viewers as well as information to help with my presentations on air.