Linda Stephen

Linda Stephen has more than 12 years’ experience as a business communications specialist, editor and writing instructor. She believes that all writing, whether academic research, marketing docs or technical documents, should be clear, concise, simple and supported (by facts). Most recently, Stephen worked for four years as director of global accounts at RLM Public Relations in New York, where she managed global media outreach campaigns for clients that included the United Nations Development Programme, eTrade Financial, Barnes & Noble and Portera Systems. As a PR expert, Stephen “ghostwrote” bylined articles and speeches for client executives on topics ranging from “Successes in sustainable development” (Mark Malloch Brown, UNDP) to “Tips for building an Internet brand” (Donna Williams, Before moving to New York in 1999, Stephen worked and lived in Japan for six years as a speech coach and technical editor for research and development departments of multinational companies such as Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, Matsushita-Panasonic and NEC. Stephen has also taught writing and editing at the University of Missouri-Columbia, The Japan Center for Michigan Universities (Shiga, Japan), Ryukoku University (Kyoto, Japan) and Omi Brotherhood Schools and has written for magazines that include Eye-Ai Culture of Japan, International Advertising and Missouri. She received a Master of Arts degree in international journalism from the world’s oldest journalism school at University of Missouri-Columbia and a Bachelor of Arts in French,with minors in business, mathematics and music from Northern Michigan University. In 1990, for her academic success, leadership and volunteer services, Stephen was recognized as one of the top 10 female graduates in the State of Michigan by Michigan Woman magazine and the State University Board.

What Our Clients Say

The [Women’s Seminar] was very well received by all those present, was excellent in content, and very well delivered. Your advice on speaking up, expressing ourselves assertively and eliminating weak language has had an immediate impact on me, personally, and I am certain on all women who attended the seminar. (Since the seminar, I have become much more conscious of my choice of words and delivery style, and have been successful in substituting “weak” verbs for more effective and powerful ones.) GAWN members were privileged to have you with us.