Melinda Tanner

Melinda Tanner has been a spokesperson for corporate America for over 15 years, representing American Express, Deloitte & Touche, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, McGraw Hill, New York Telephone, Price Waterhouse, Prudential Insurance and Sony. For two of those years, she was national spokesperson for Mobil Oil.

Ms. Tanner trains executives in getting their messages across effectively on film, video and audio tape. Her speakers learn to make highly technical material clear, lively and, sometimes, even fun. Her sessions for on-camera presentations cover topics ranging from the easy use of teleprompters to the powerful use of voice, eye contact and body language.

Ms. Tanner has led seminars for the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. She has participated in improvisational role playing to improve manager-client relations at CitiCorp and has planned meetings and special events for People for the American Way.

As a professional actor and singer, she’s performed on Broadway and in films, corporate videos, and commercials, one of which won her a Clio Award. Some of her other work includes commercials for Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Dannon Yogurt, Geritol, Solgar Vitamins, Sominex and Tide.

Ms. Tanner has a B.S., cum laude, in Media Studies from Hunter College in New York.

What Our Clients Say

Your enthusiasm always made the seemingly unpalatable not just palatable, but at first, possible, then, a challenge — and sometimes even fun. I thank my lucky stars for having gotten you as my instructor. I have learned so very much from you and from doing what you asked us to do. Ginny, you are absolutely pure gold!