Patricia LaRussa

Patricia LaRussa has been delivering presentations her entire life. From the age of 11, when she read Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People”, she studied the psychological principles that allow a speaker to reach an audience. An alumna of the Vass Communication School, she uses this set of core values to develop her clients’ ability to reach his or her goal, employing humor, life experience and interaction to engage the audience.

Patricia spent ten years with the commercial real estate firm of Julian J. Studley, Inc. as a leasing broker in New York City. Her presentation skills garnered the attention of management. She was recruited by the firm as a presentation instructor to both new and experienced brokers and in dozens of classes at Studley’s annual, companywide conferences.
As a successful trainer and coach, she developed a guide for keeping the audience interested that employs tactfully applied humor, eye contact and audience participation.

She is currently the Presentation Coach for Chapter 62 of Business Networking International, Inc. (BNI) in New York City, a group of over 100 people dedicated to their own and each other’s success. Her work involves individual and group instruction to the BNI membership on successfully conveying ideas to an audience of one or to a group of thousands and include building team spirit and cooperation, creating stronger client relationships, instilling confidence in buyers and investors and understanding how to know what customers really want.

What Our Clients Say

On behalf of the membership of Women In Development, we would like to thank you for your excellent talk on networking…. This was the first time that our luncheon program was designed to encourage the active engagement of our members with each other… Your energy and enthusiasm were instrumental in achieving their full participation in the exercises you so skillfully presented. We are delighted that you have agreed to write an article for WID. I know how much it meant to us to learn …the techniques you suggested….. Thanks for so kindly sharing your expertise with Women In Development.