Case Study

Building Team & Communicating Leadership

Reinvigorate a Demoralized Marketing Staff


At this media company, many in the marketing department had lost their jobs in successive rounds of cuts and those who remained were demoralized and exhausted from doing the jobs of many with no end in sight.  They were unable to turn the situation around with the result that the sales team was driving marketing instead of marketing leading sales.


Ginny Pulos Communications created a two-day seminar to demonstrate and educate them about successful leadership styles, taught special techniques that communicate leadership with authority and conducted many highly interactive exercises that fire up creativity and to help align their vision and values and utilized on camera coaching assignments.


The marketing team was reinvigorated for the first time since the staff cuts. They regained their creative momentum, camaraderie was re-established and morale soared.

This program, repeated numerous times with customization for many other organizations that range from other broadcast and cable media companies to an insurance risk management firm, continues to produce greater focus, productivity, creativity and team spirit.

One participant said, “Thank You Thank You Thank You!  Your seminar was primo!  It brought out things in the group I never would have believed possible.  I’ll never look at my coworkers in quite the same way.  You created a safe environment.  I have never seen my group open up like that.  Until yesterday, we had hung onto our private professional dreams as though they were state secrets.  Because of you, we shared and made ourselves more accessible. I am totally excited and motivated to reach my goals. To sum up, it was fabulous!“

What Our Clients Say

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