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Shining A Light On Leaders

Coach the Next Generation of Leaders


This Fortune 50 Pharmaceutical company’s executive committee was considering the promotion of eight marketing executives to company presidents. Smart marketers though they may be, these executives needed coaching to help them look, act and communicate like leaders.


GPC worked over an eight-month period, both in private and group sessions, on ways to communicate leadership powerfully. Each month we focused on a different aspect of communicating leadership: from creating the polished look of a leader – how they carry themselves and dress; learning to develop and tell the stories they need to share with others to motivate, inspire, persuade and enroll others to a vision; learning relationship is everything; understanding the nonverbal behavior they both receive and send; to answering tough questions with polish and professionalism anytime, anywhere, asked by anyone.


Within six weeks of completing our work, the corporation divided a division in half and made one young woman candidate group president of the new consumer products division. Within the company, her leadership success is now legendary and eight years later, she directs all corporate giving around the world. When asked about her successful leadership style, she publicly gives credit to Ginny Pulos Communications! Subsequently, the company hired GPC to work with all world brand-marketing leaders to help them communicate their forecasts, strategies, and results to the Executive Committee. After that, we helped several marketing teams with their presentations. In 2000, the company asked Ginny Pulos to speak to all women leaders at director level and above at their second Women’s Leadership Forum addressing three key audiences. In 2005, she was one of only two speakers asked to return for a third Women’s Leadership Forum, this time to speak with six audiences.

What Our Clients Say

Ginny, Thank you for the investment in my future.