Case Study

Building Team & Meeting The Media

Media Train “Resistant” Doctors to Effectively Maximize Speaking Opportunities in Relation to a Cure for Ulcers


This medical organization wanted to communicate what may be the only cure for ulcers:  if you eliminate h. pylori bacteria from the body, ulcers disappear and never return.  The organization retained GPC to help 40 gastroenterologists become an effective national speaker’s bureau.   The challenge for GPC included convincing a group of experienced speaker doctors to accept coaching to tell the h. pylori story in different sound bite lengths from less than two minutes to up to one hour.


GPC sent a memo inviting the 40 doctors to the training and giving each doctor a mini-assignment to prepare for a private coaching session.  Ginny Pulos delivered a highly interactive 3-hour presentation on all aspects of communicating with the media.  Subsequently, Ginny and her team of trainers scheduled a one-hour private coaching session for each physician during which each doctor created his or her own story around the message points already established by the organization.


The organization generated tremendous media coverage across the county because of the passionate, compelling and scientific stories the trained doctors were able to tell.  These well-told stories helped cut through the noise bombarding journalists and helped to educate audiences about the cure for ulcers.

What Our Clients Say

Thank You Thank You Thank You! Your seminar was primo! It brought out things in the group I never would have believed possible. I’ll never look at my coworkers in quite the same way. You created a safe environment. I have never seen my group open up like that. Until yesterday, we’d hung onto our private professional dreams as though they were state secrets. Because of you we shared and made ourselves more accessible. I firmly request more Ginny Pulos Seminars. I am totally excited and motivated to reach my goals. To sum up, it was fabulous!