Case Study

Answering Tough Questions

Answering Tough Questions


Help a brilliant architect communicate her ideas to government.

In the rebuilding after hurricane Katrina, we were asked to prepare a key architect and designer to answer tough questions from the government and the media after the people of Louisiana and Mississippi universally approved her acclaimed Katrina Cottage plans as a dignified replacement for the demeaning FEMA trailers.



Prepare this smart woman to answer any question, anywhere, asked by anybody with polish and connection.


Her Katrina Cottage went into production and is now helping transform a devastated community to a vibrant and beautiful one once more.

Recently, we helped her prepare to accept several awards such as “The 100 Most Influential People in America” and the prestigious Guggenheim Museum Awards.

What Our Clients Say

Said of Ms. Leong: ‘I’ve seen [her] present for years and she’s always decent. Today, she blew us out of the room!’ I learned to be less intimidated by cookie cutter presenters. That in itself that makes you a powerful employee. My confidence level is far higher when I walk into a room and I know how to control my feelings of angst when communicating my point of view.