Case Study

Ms. Pulos As Keynote Or Emcee

Adding Value To Your Events


The New York Chamber of Commerce approached GPC with a problem: How to bring value to small businesses and entrepreneurs who couldn’t compete with the city’s major players.


Ginny Pulos devised and moderated an informative panel discussion by the key players in procurement for an exclusive audience of the industry’s smaller suppliers. Ms. Pulos elicited from the panel how best a small business might approach and work with them, and immediately after, the audience which was filled with potential small vendors was able to pitch their products or services to those key players and potentially gain access to the companies represented on the panel.


The event was so successful for both the small vendors and the big players that the New York Chamber continued the series with Ms. Pulos as moderator across several industries, each time with a focus on providing small business members potential access to the big players.  Ultimately, the program won such high praise it was replicated by chambers of commerce all over the US and Europe.


What Our Clients Say

Ginny Pulos is clearly a player in her field. She is adept at including everyone in the class. Our comfort level reached a point that allowed us to open ourselves to feedback and constructive criticism that fostered personal growth. The [Communicating Leadership & Authority] course content was exactly what I needed to advance toward my goal.