Case Study

Doctors Meet The Media

Media Train “Resistant” Doctors to Communicate about Undiagnosed Depression


This professional association wanted to use their membership as spokespeople to generate awareness of undiagnosed depression in the geriatric population.  Senior citizens often go undiagnosed and need not live the last phase of their lives in depression. The psychiatrists and psychologists who are members of the association did not think they needed media and message training, especially administered by a nonprofessional.  The association brought in GPC to help the doctors concisely and effectively communicate with the media.


Ginny Pulos led a general session for 92 doctors on how to communicate with public groups as well as newspaper, trade, radio and television media, including techniques that help the doctors tell compelling stories to various audiences. The session included group role-play and Ginny Pulos privately coached executive board members in a small group.


The group continues to receive tremendous media coverage teaching audiences to recognize symptoms of depression in the elderly and successfully reminds primary care physicians and families to look for key signs of depression in their patients and loved ones.

One member said after coaching with Ginny Pulos, “This was unique in my experience as a physician and researcher and brought our group closer together.  Excellent! “

What Our Clients Say

I just wanted to thank you again for all your help in preparing me for my speech at the Writers’ Conference. I put energy into my presentation. I worked with the flow of my material and I felt, for the first time, that I was in charge of my speech instead of the other way around! Thanks to you, Ginny, I actually look forward to making another speech soon.