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Ginny, Your tips really made my story come to life. I’ve told the story many times and, after you helped me make minor adjustments, now it — just today, I’m walking to get my lunch and somebody I don’t know stopped me and said how good my story was…2 weeks after the forum! I can see now how impactful a good story can be to other people. Thanks again.

Ginny, thank you very much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to be a part of last night’s panel discussion at MMC. Everyone, including guests, students, faculty and staff members, was delighted with the event and felt the panelists and moderator did an excellent job in covering a most expansive and critical subject area. Thank you for sharing your insight and your personal story that led to your success. Your warm and unique way of communicating with people brought a special element to panel discussion. Students need role models, like you, to help them pave their own success track. I am one of your greatest fans!

On behalf of the membership of Women In Development, we would like to thank you for your excellent talk on networking…. This was the first time that our luncheon program was designed to encourage the active engagement of our members with each other… Your energy and enthusiasm were instrumental in achieving their full participation in the exercises you so skillfully presented. We are delighted that you have agreed to write an article for WID. I know how much it meant to us to learn …the techniques you suggested….. Thanks for so kindly sharing your expertise with Women In Development.

Thank you for your gracious participation, enthusiasm and superb contribution to the success of the New York Buys program. I could not have been more pleased. Your preparation and presentation were most professional and, as a result, our attendees gave the workshop high marks for both content and form.

You literally turned the event around. I will have all future speakers speak from the back end of the room, that way latecomers won’t interrupt. Yet another good idea you have given me.

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I learned about preparation and presentation of an idea. This will benefit both media communication and everyday discourse with people. I learned to formulate an idea, to speak to the camera, to present ideas clearly in a logical, simple manner and to deal with a throw off question.