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Michele really draws you in, relates to you and keeps you involved while you’re learning [to manage stress].

I’m just back from my whirlwind trip and I want to thank you. The counsel you gave me on making my presentation really made a major, major difference. It was very successful and I don’t think I could have pulled it together without you. I needed a little coaching and you took care of me. I want you to know now: you’re great! Thanks again.

Your help and your coaching was invaluable to me. I think I finally found my inner ham, thanks to you.

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Danielle Hart — Online Fundraising Account Manager
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I overcame fears of getting a call from the media; learned important tools on how to be prepared to deal with the media; learned ways on how to effectively communicate the important work that UNICEF does in saving and protecting the lives of children. Ginny is dynamic and convincing. The materials provided are very useful to take home and to continue the learning process for myself and for my colleagues.