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Ms. Pulos is to be featured in Part 2 of Storytelling For Business: Storytelling To Drive Business Goals, a Google+Hangout sponsored by PR Newswire and hosted by CommPro.biz, August 8, from 1-2 PM. Tell your colleagues.Register HERE: http://bit.ly/14cGsc0  ‪#‎telling4biz‬  Part 1 featured Blair Caplinger, Principal of Telling Media, about visual storytelling to brand your company, product or service.  Part 2 will focus on personal storytelling to drive your business.

Check out this recent press release on Ginny Pulos’ Storytelling For Business: Power, Persuasion & Influence Part 2 at PR Newswire and view more information about the event on CommPro.biz.

And in case you missed it, check out the seminar video below, courtesy of PR Newswire:

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I’m not sure if words can capture what a tremendous help you were to me in preparing my presentation two weeks ago. You provided exactly what I needed: The guidance to cut the presentation to its bare essentials, reordering it for maximum impact, extra polish in word choice, body language and delivery, and that all important dose of confidence that took the presentation from good to great. I’ve made many presentations in my day, and there’s no doubt in my mind that this was my finest. And I’ve no doubt that this resulted from your help.