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Ms. Pulos is to be featured in Part 2 of Storytelling For Business: Storytelling To Drive Business Goals, a Google+Hangout sponsored by PR Newswire and hosted by CommPro.biz, August 8, from 1-2 PM. Tell your colleagues.Register HERE: http://bit.ly/14cGsc0  ‪#‎telling4biz‬  Part 1 featured Blair Caplinger, Principal of Telling Media, about visual storytelling to brand your company, product or service.  Part 2 will focus on personal storytelling to drive your business.

Check out this recent press release on Ginny Pulos’ Storytelling For Business: Power, Persuasion & Influence Part 2 at PR Newswire and view more information about the event on CommPro.biz.

And in case you missed it, check out the seminar video below, courtesy of PR Newswire:

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What Our Clients Say

We just finished the day and it was a wonderful day. The feedback we got was amazing and the feeling during and after the session was totally different to before. For me anyway. I can’t speak for Angela on that. I really, really enjoyed it. It felt great. Thanks to you for all the guidance and support. It helped me enormously as I was out of my comfort zone. Appreciate what you did for us.