The Challenges of Being a Millennial and Looking for a Job


Much like in speed dating, millennials and mentors met for five minutes at a time before moving to the next table and the next potential connection.

The goal at a New York Women in Communications event sponsored by 21st Century Fox is to pair the unemployed with the employed; to give young job seekers tips about how to land their first job.

In case you think twenty-somethings lack ambition, are lazy, or act entitled, Time Inc. chief human resources officer, Greg Giangrande, says you would be wrong. He says twenty-somethings today are about as under informed on how to get a job as they were 20 years ago. Giangrande says college graduates need to learn how to network. It is okay if mom or dad knows someone and makes a call for you but you have to follow up yourself.


New York Women in Communications
February 5, 2014

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