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Communicating Leadership & Authority

This is a seminar series for people who understand that having the title of “leader “ doesn’t make you one. How we communicate leadership face-to-face is of paramount importance for success in any situation. Coaching takes place one-to-one for individuals over eight sessions. Group seminars include general sessions followed by private coaching, which includes videotaped role-play and critique. Participants learn to communicate leadership by aligning their vision, values and ethics and communicating these with power, passion and persuasion. It’s the stories we share about ourselves that teach others who we truly are, what we stand for and enrolls others to our vision. Participants will also learn to maximize the power of nonverbal communication. Over the course of several months, participants are give individual assignments and keep a journal of observations of new behaviors practiced and the behaviors they observe in those around them and in the media. Throughout, there is a focus on gender differences in style, use of persuasive language and strategies for building bridges, until each participant knows that being who they truly are is not only enough, it’s exceptionally powerful.


Communicating Leadership & Authority Topics Include

  • Communicating leadership & authority: Aligning your vision and values
  • Powerful voice and diction techniques: Hands on techniques for perfecting your style
  • Harnessing emotion for impact and persuasion
  • Key elements of telling successful stories
  • Power dressing for power players
  • Staying “cool in the hot seat”, Part 1: Learning to ask or answer any question, any time,anywhere
  • Staying “cool in the hot seat”, Part 2: Dealing with people not at their best
  • The message givers: Mastering the hidden agenda of nonverbal language
  • Persuasive communication & business presentations: One-to-one or one-to thousands
  • Building relationships: Generative listening, rapport and the process of persuasion
  • Creativity: Intuition, inspiration and imagination
  • Managing stress in power situations

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I was impressed that Ginny really did her homework researching the specific environment and elements involved in our work. I gained physical and verbal tools, as well as easy-to-remember formulas for organizing information to sell on air.