What We Do

Ms.Pulos-Keynote, Emcee, Moderator

Ginny Pulos will enliven your next conference or event and add value as a vibrant speaker with energizing lectures or keynotes on topics that motivate, spark ideas, inspire, stimulate discussion, evoke thought, provide concrete tips, open horizons of possibilities, offer a smile or two and add overall value to your programs. As emcee, your event will shine! And as moderator, she will assure that each panelist shines by provoking discussion, opening pathways of discussion, and adding insight to your event. Attendees will walk away knowing that they got something of value this time!


Some Topics Covered Are

  • Powerful, Persuasive Presentations
  • Sitting In The Hot Seat: Tips For Handling Yourself In The Spotlight’s Glare
  • Ten Tips That Communicate Leadership (for mixed audiences or for women only)
  • Promoting Yourself With Integrity: Telling The Stories That Build Credibility & Inspire Trust
  • Creativity & The Corporation
  • Being Who You Truly Are: Branding Yourself
  • Spirituality & The Workplace
  • The Power of One
  • The Power of Conversations: How To Turn Small Talk Into A Big Deal
  • Networking: Seven Quick Tips
  • Managing Stress In The Workplace
  • Therapeutic Touch: A Healing Technique for Our Times

What Our Clients Say

I got a good jump-start for my personal and business branding. I like the step-by- step approach. I will continue to build on the activities/steps I began in today’s meeting. Excellent and effective presentation. High energy and enthusiasm. Loved your stories