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Team Building

Business wisdom counsels that every individual in a company is part of a team, and that the team’s success is linked to its individual players and how well they get along and work with each other. Harness the power of teamwork. Through specially designed exercises, groups learn to work cohesively, creatively and productively. Regain creativity, establish cohesiveness, and unleash confidence.

We offer customized programs, specifically designed to meet your company’s targeted persuasive communication needs.


Our Team Building Topics Include

  • Guided facilitation and role-plays: full team problem-solving
  • Understanding the strengths of every member of the team
  • Learning to manage around the weaknesses
  • Brainstorming: opportunities for participants to work together and pool their knowledge
  • Developing goals and discovering pathways to complete goals
  • Reducing stress levels by understanding what excites and energizes some types and drains others
  • Building trust: helping team members understand how previously irritating and obstructive differences can become a source of amusement, interest and strength
  • Selecting teams, task forces and work groups with sufficient diversity to solve problems in a time efficient and productive way
  • Leadership and followership: learning approaches that are most likely to earn agreement and cooperation from each personality type
  • Enhancing effective communications between managers and employees
  • Planning and experiencing teamwork: meeting deadlines, realizing different types deal with time in different ways
  • Discovering the process: creating a work environment where type differences are seen as interesting and valuable, rather than problematic
  • Demonstrating the role of selective perception on learning/recall
  • Analyzing prerequisites, processes and consequences

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Even though we haven’t talked for a long time, I wanted you to know that I think of you often, whenever I am interviewed on TV or radio. Your valuable service is much appreciated.