10 Ways Women Can Communicate Leadership & Authority

Ten ways female executives can establish credibility and leadership strength. Using our proven communication techniques, get others to listen to you and respect your views; showcase your accomplishments with finesse and confidence; take charge.

Topics Include:

  • Managing nervousness
  • Avoiding being interrupted, having ideas stolen or being intimidated at meetings
  • Preventing the unconscious apology
  • Eliminating self-trivializing, submissive language
  • Identifying and eliminating unproductive speech and vocal habits
  • Using humor as a bridge between people
  • Stating an opinion assertively
  • Being direct and to the point
  • Seeing opportunities to establish a confident speaking style
  • Utilizing appropriate body language, eye contact and facial expression

What They Say:

What Our Clients Say

Said of Ms. Leong: ‘I’ve seen [her] present for years and she’s always decent. Today, she blew us out of the room!’ I learned to be less intimidated by cookie cutter presenters. That in itself that makes you a powerful employee. My confidence level is far higher when I walk into a room and I know how to control my feelings of angst when communicating my point of view.