Branding Yourself Today

Who you are is not only enough — it’s exceptionally powerful. And whether you are a name brand corporation, a nonprofit organization, or an individual, you can recession-proof your organization or yourself and remain competitive in any economy by developing your own personal brand, strategically prioritizing your messages to all your audiences and marketing them consistently so that employees, employers, customers, contributors, volunteers or the media remain loyal no matter what.

Topics Include:

  • Identifying your unique strengths
  • Differentiating yourself
  • Creating a position
  • Maximizing your brand by your relationship conversations
  • Consistently communication who you are and what you stand for
  • Attracting and retaining clients
  • Creating client loyalty

What They Say:

What Our Clients Say

What did I gain [from Power, Persuasion & Influence]?CONFIDENCE. I was soooo nervous right before I went up. Once I started thought, I was not at all nervous any more. That was VERY unusual for me. Normally my voice cracks, I hear tremors in my voice, my lips/face twitches and my heart beats uncontrollably. THIS DID NOT HAPPEN! Not sure why. . . I suspect that I felt really prepared.