Bringing Out The Best In People At Their Worst

Managing people successfully means understanding and harnessing what motivates them. Learn to recognize behavior that signals thwarted motivation; develop the skills that can transform passive or aggressive behavior into assertive cooperation.  This integrity-filled approach then teaches participants how to “listen to understand” and how to help bring others back from the brink of passive or aggressive behavior to far more successful, assertive behavior.  It also teaches participants to recognize their own negative behavior and how to react in new, more positive ways to the same old triggers.

Topics Include:

  • Sitting on the “hot seat”
  • Learning the steps to “listen to understand”
  • Identifying intents used by people in their day-to-day interactions with others
  • Accurately reading the body language of the parties involved
  • Understanding the classic negative behaviors that result when intentions are   thwarted
  • Responding to bad behavior:  choosing the best response for each negative behavior
  • Practicing neurolinguistic programming to listen and to respond
  • Moving people from passive or aggressive behavior to assertive behavior
  • Becoming a master of communication:  role-playing the listening and responding techniques oreach negative behavior

What They Say:

What Our Clients Say

I wish you the best that life can give you — success, happiness, health — but most of all satisfaction. Your wonderful work [creating our Mission Statement and Tag Line] has helped us to move forward. Thank you.