Communicating Power & Impact

The words. The delivery. The impact. Executives learn to deliver key messages powerfully, memorably and persuasively.

Topics Include:

  • Organizing the presentation
  • Writing in spoken language
  • Writing an attention-getting opening
  • Developing and validating key message points
  • Creating memorable closings
  • Preparing the manuscript to ensure an eyes-up conversational style
  • Controlling nervousness
  • Analyzing the audience and discovering the needs of the client
  • Asking the “right” questions:  open, closed, leading, probing
  • Setting message goals and knowing how to communicate them
  • Employing effective rehearsal techniques
  • Speaking with vocal clarity, color and projection
  • Delivering presentations with conviction, confidence, personality and humor
  • Using appropriate eye contact and body language effectively
  • Developing individual style
  • Coping with microphones, lecterns and pointers
  • Handling the question & answer session: staying “cool in the hot seat”
  • Anticipating interview questions, pitfalls and how to navigate them
  • Recognizing difficult types of questioners and knowing the best way to respond
  • Dressing for success:  looking competent, credible and approachable
  • Designing and using effective visual aids

What They Say:

What Our Clients Say

I gained much insight into the thought process and needs of viewers as well as information to help with my presentations on air.