Communicating Power & Impact

The words. The delivery. The impact. Executives learn to deliver key messages powerfully, memorably and persuasively.

Topics Include:

  • Organizing the presentation
  • Writing in spoken language
  • Writing an attention-getting opening
  • Developing and validating key message points
  • Creating memorable closings
  • Preparing the manuscript to ensure an eyes-up conversational style
  • Controlling nervousness
  • Analyzing the audience and discovering the needs of the client
  • Asking the “right” questions:  open, closed, leading, probing
  • Setting message goals and knowing how to communicate them
  • Employing effective rehearsal techniques
  • Speaking with vocal clarity, color and projection
  • Delivering presentations with conviction, confidence, personality and humor
  • Using appropriate eye contact and body language effectively
  • Developing individual style
  • Coping with microphones, lecterns and pointers
  • Handling the question & answer session: staying “cool in the hot seat”
  • Anticipating interview questions, pitfalls and how to navigate them
  • Recognizing difficult types of questioners and knowing the best way to respond
  • Dressing for success:  looking competent, credible and approachable
  • Designing and using effective visual aids

What They Say:

What Our Clients Say

Thanks for speaking at our 69th Annual Classified Advertising Managers Association conference in Burlington, VT. You helped us reach new heights in creativity in all aspects of our job responsibilities. We were able to bring back some powerful sales tools and revenue building ideas we can put to use right away! Ginny, thanks again for helping to make our meeting a success!