How To Turn Small Talk Into A Big Deal

Selling opportunities abound at business-related social functions and other gatherings. Using our practical exercises, master the art of setting an agenda, building rapport and credibility, and converting casual conversation into access, sales or a path to career enhancement.

Topics Include:

  • Setting agendas before social business occasions
  • Preparing conversation for social business functions
  • Preparing small talk and “ice breakers”
  • Techniques for breaking into a group, starting conversation and establishing rapport
  • Setting message goals
  • Telling stories that inspire, captivate and build bridges
  • How to work a room, golf tournament or other special event
  • Making a soft sell
  • Dealing with tough questions and questioners
  • Keeping the conversational ball rolling
  • Techniques for transitioning to and from established message goals
  • Using the business card effectively
  • Handling prying questions in a social setting
  • The role of body language:  eye contact, handshakes, facial & vocal expression
  • Effective listening skills
  • Etiquette:  Using humor and dealing with rudeness
  • Keeping the established rapport going and growing after the event
  • Strategies for conversations that pay off:  gaining access

What They Say:

What Our Clients Say

The [Women’s Seminar] was very well received by all those present, was excellent in content, and very well delivered. Your advice on speaking up, expressing ourselves assertively and eliminating weak language has had an immediate impact on me, personally, and I am certain on all women who attended the seminar. (Since the seminar, I have become much more conscious of my choice of words and delivery style, and have been successful in substituting “weak” verbs for more effective and powerful ones.) GAWN members were privileged to have you with us.