Improving Voice And Speech

Learn that much of your leadership power is found where your true voice lies.  Learn how to overcome breathiness, eliminate sloppy articulation, replace weak voice patterns, lack animation and nasality with patterns that enhance your leadership style.

Topics Include:

  • Supporting the breath properly for adequate projection
  • Eliminating distracting speech patterns and “non-words”
  • Putting animation and personality into the voice
  • Correcting mispronunciations
  • Reinforcing vocal tones through resonance
  • Improving articulation & eliminating mumbling and speed talking
  • Eliminating inappropriate (childish, nasal, grating) voice
  • Speaking with vocal color

What They Say:

What Our Clients Say

Ginny, thank you very much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to be a part of last night’s panel discussion at MMC. Everyone, including guests, students, faculty and staff members, was delighted with the event and felt the panelists and moderator did an excellent job in covering a most expansive and critical subject area. Thank you for sharing your insight and your personal story that led to your success. Your warm and unique way of communicating with people brought a special element to panel discussion. Students need role models, like you, to help them pave their own success track. I am one of your greatest fans!