Interviewing Skills: Selling Yourself

Whether you are interviewing for your first or tenth job, or your top choice in a college or university, knowing what it takes to be a successful interview is one of the most basic needs in life.  People aren’t always aware of how they present themselves, nor do they always understand how to avoid generating a negative impression, or how to create a positive one.  Learn to communicate focused messages about your value to prospective employers. Through key interview techniques, showcase industry knowledge, display intelligence, promote capabilities, parry questions designed to eliminate your candidacy, and talk your way (verbally and non-verbally) into a great job.

Topics Include:

  • Looking competent, credible and approachable
  • Setting message goals and knowing how to communicate them
  • The fifteen most frequently asked questions and how to answer them
  • Anticipating interview questions, pitfalls and how to navigate them
  • Recognizing difficult types of questioners and knowing the best way to respond to them
  • Using appropriate body language
  • Enhancing existing wardrobe with accessories that add to your business look
  • Recognizing proper fit & quality of construction
  • Achieving the right hairstyle and makeup for all business situations
  • Resumes: the dos and don’ts

What They Say:

What Our Clients Say

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