Power, Persuasion & Influence Project

As a business leader you already know communication is key to success at every executive level. That’s why I’d like to introduce you to my customized series of presentation/ communication skills workshops “Power, Persuasion & Influence.”

Clients tell us that presentation/communications skills are the most important training investment they can make.  They also tell us that what makes our programs exceptional is the recognition that clarity and cohesiveness are not enough — true persuasion comes from making an emotional connection — with confidence.  Most often, that comes from telling a true story.

Participants of our Power, Persuasion & Influence Programs at global companies tell us that the program, which is built around storytelling, adds dynamic, powerful tools to their leadership skill kit.


Topics Include:


  • The ability to deliver impact in every presentation
  • The ability to handle “hot seat” Q&A
  • The power to establish influential relationships with senior management
  • And, most important, the confidence to use their story to drive business results.


  • Sales directors, mid-level product managers, marketing managers: maximum of 30
  • Senior managers: requires a minimum 10, maximum of 15
  • High potentials, where communication is critical: requires a minimum 10, maximum of 15
  • Specialized power and persuasion programs for women leaders: requires a minimum of 10, maximum of 15


  • One on one coaching: customized program, retainer options
  • CEOs: customized coaching, retainer options
  • Sitting in the “hot seat” and “meet the press” media training: customized coaching, retainer options



What They Say:

"I gained enlightenment, personal growth. Ginny’s very animated, intelligent, serious, humorous, informative, useful and interesting."

- Smaro George, Event Maven, , Event Maven

"Ginny’s very effective! She knows her stuff! Everything she said made sense. I learned more about myself. I gained the confidence to tell my own story and use my emotions to help express my experience and get the attention of the audience."

- Danielle Hart, Founder, Women In Leadership Salisbury University, , Salisbury University

"I am very glad Women In Leadership was able to bring you to our campus. I learned how to better view my experiences and the skills to translate them into something valuable. I’ll use this skill in interviews and career letters."

- Jules Waxman, Salisbury Univ., , Salisbury University

"Storytelling has reminded me that there is more than mere survival on the other side of trials! Just what I needed for forward motion!."

- Barbara Anne Fisher, D. Min. Pres. Founder Creative Christian Formation For All Ages, D. Min., President, Founder, Creative Christian Formation for All Ages

"I learned the components of a good story and how to sell it. I learned specifically how to tweak my story and what I need to work on. Storytelling will definitely help me interview and with grad school applications! Ginny kept me very engaged and gave me lots of useful tools."

- Samantha Greenberg, Exec Bd, Salisbury Univ., Executive Board Member, Women In Leadership, Salisbury University

"I leared how to storytell and how to brand myself. These gains will help me tremendously. I will be a motivational speaker and this session will help me with my delivery. Ginny was awesome!"

- Terri Lomax, grad student, Salisbury Univ., Grad Student, Salisbury University

"Today I learned that I do have valuable tales from my life that speak for my character, my goals. Storytelling will help me to show my best self as I go into the workforce. I will not limit myself because of past faults, or perceived inadequacies. I’m more than just a few brief words:. My stories may be brief, but they speak volumes. Ginny Pulos s a speaker that makes even the most shy one want to stand up and speak proudly."

- Marianna Kanu, Salisbury Univ., , Salisbury University

"I learned how to use my personal stories to demonstrate/ teach life lessons. I learned the emotional impact of involving the audience by suing present tense. Ginny was astounding!"

- Matthew Williams, Salisbury Univ., , Salisbury University

"I loved learning the vocabulary I need to help foster further growth for myself and my students. I’ll stop using “elevator pitches,: and start stories/brand statements."

- Paula Morris, Professor of Marketing, Salisbury University

What Our Clients Say

I’m sure my newly acquired speech habits in the way Ginny Pulos taught me are going to last a lifetime. She is excellent in the faculty to communicate and teach in an unforgettable and positive way. She is excellently informed and possesses a fascinating style — right to the learning point. I’m so thankful for the innumerable tools she gave me.