Promoting Yourself With Integrity

If you want to land a job, keep a job, move ahead in a job learning to promote yourself with integrity is your passport to success. Learn ten keys that will dynamically help you sound the trumpet about who you are and what you’ve accomplished in the proper tone to specific audiences at precisely the right moment to help you achieve your goals.

Topics Include:

  • How to create vignettes that reveal who you are and what you stand for
  • Learning the key elements of a good story
  • Learning how to build and tell stories that tout your accomplishments
  • Learning when to offer a story
  • Understanding who should hear your stories

What They Say:

What Our Clients Say

Left you a phone message, but must say it again. You did such a wonderful job last night; what a strong presenter you are! What great observations you have about women and the workplace. Even women who receive wonderful educations (like we did) need encouragement and help along the way. Thanks a million for sharing your guidance and wisdom with us.