Storytelling For Business

Rather than telling data, facts, or doing an information dump, stories are what engage and move people to action.  For facts and statistics to have relevance, there must first be trust and it’s the stories we tell that establishes that trust. The fact is, if you have no emotional contact, you have no impact. Stories that are brief, true, relevant, engage an emotion and end on a high note, make the difference between position power and personal power for success.  One leader said, “Bottom line: Unless you use both your personal and your position power, you aren’t getting the most from your work, your experience, your life or your team.”  All leaders must experience this powerful, proven program to make today’s smart managers tomorrow’s leaders — and to build team strength and confidence.

Topics Include:

Key components of the program, which can be expanded depending on budget include ––

• A full-day persuasive presentation skills seminar with a competition.

• A full-day storytelling skills in business seminar with a competition.

• A stress management/rehearsal techniques seminar the day before final competition.

• Oncamera private coaching sessions for each participant.

• Keeping a daily journal of personal observations on power, persuasion, and influence.

• And, finally, a timed story competition on the theme of persuasion, with strong audience participation by co-workers, friends, and family, who also choose the winners.

What They Say:

What Our Clients Say

On behalf of the membership of Women In Development, we would like to thank you for your excellent talk on networking…. This was the first time that our luncheon program was designed to encourage the active engagement of our members with each other… Your energy and enthusiasm were instrumental in achieving their full participation in the exercises you so skillfully presented. We are delighted that you have agreed to write an article for WID. I know how much it meant to us to learn …the techniques you suggested….. Thanks for so kindly sharing your expertise with Women In Development.